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Persis Granger

Big News!

Registration is now open for Writers' Retreats for Women


Adirondack Gold


Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer's


St. George Island Writers' Retreat


Adirondack Mountain Retreat

Life just gets more and more interesting here, as one exciting project leads to another. (And another, and another!) Here's what's happening--

On the heels of publishing Adirondack Gold, Adirondack Gold Teacher's Guide, and Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer's, I've been enjoying presenting programs for book clubs, libraries and school groups. I talk about my books and about writing, and sometimes conduct living history programs. I've been doing some freelance writing, and also busily working on the sequel to Adirondack Gold, which I hope to release in the coming year.

Just to add a little more excitement to our lives, my friend Cassie Selleck and I are launching a new venture, a series of writers' retreats for women. Dubbed "Fiction Among Friends: Polishing Works in Progress", these retreats are tailored for writers who are in the midst of writing a work of fiction and want some help, inspiration, space and time to push toward completion.

  • Our first retreat, to be held November 6-10, 2006, with artist-in-residence Adrian Fogelin, will be held in a beachfront home on St. George Island, Florida. Who could fail to be inspired on St. George's pristine beaches among this supportive group of women? Space is limited to just 9 resident participants and 4 non-resident commuter participants. Reserve your spot early! Deadline is July 15th.


  • The second writers' retreat is slated for summer of 2007 in a rustic cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Watch this site for details!

Learn more about retreats, books, programs and freelance by clicking the links below.