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Donna and Richard Wormwood have been crafting Adirondack Rustic Miniatures since the mid-1980s, when Donna realized the appeal inherent in the little pieces she had first made as gifts. Friends encouraged her to try to sell them, so ventured out to shows, and eventually worked up the courage to enter a juried show. Richard began building miniature log cabins, lean tos and scale replicas of Adirondack great camps. He added canoes, guide boats, itsy-bitsy snowshoes, fishing creels, even archery sets complete with flint arrowheads. When the awards began to accumulate, they began to work at the business in earnest. All pieces are made from items found in Nature's warehouse, the fields and forests near their Thurman home.

Donna's voice quickens as she speaks of the treasures they find. "Goldenrod galls make woodstoves and wood baskets. A hollowed-out acorn base makes a punch bowl. The top, with the stem end slightly ground down, makes a plate or soup bowl. Grapevine curlicues make drawer pulls and handles for mugs or pitchers." She expounds on uses of lichens, turkey-tail fungus, beechnut burrs, knapweed blossoms, various seeds, and nuts, blossoms and bark.The craft fascinates them, but the ultimate pleasure is achieved when the Wormwoods watch guests view their wares at shows. Says Donna. "The miniatures appeal to people of all ages and walks of life-—children, businessmen, retirees. I encourage visitors to pick up the pieces and play with them because I love to watch the fascination and enjoyment reflected in their faces. They seem to be escaping into a simpler, more peaceful place. They smile—a lot."

We hope you'll smile a lot as you browse among the items below. If you have questions or want a custom design, please contact the Wormwoods at 518-623-9654 or email them.

Below find a sampling of treasures created by Adirondack Rustic Miniatures. More photos will be posted soon, so please bookmark out site and Check back often. For problems with pages, please contact the WEBMASTER.