Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat 2008
Beaver Meadow Lodge, Thurman, NY
August 22-24


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Months have passed since these writers wended their way to Beaver Meadow Lodge for the 2008 Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat, following a trail of neon pink signs. Traveling from downstate—Carmel and Pawling—from Connecticut, from farther north—Keene, NY—and from around the "greater Thurman area," as we like to say—they must have felt as though those signs were leading them off the edge of the earth. No matter. They followed them bravely anyhow. They were on the way to conquer the demons that kept them from writing, find muses to give wings to their words, and nothing would deter them. On they went. Whatever nervousness and anxiety accompanied them on their trek deep into Thurman melted away when they met the rest of the group. They knew they were among kindred spirits.


It was a magical weekend. L. D.

I am so happy that I did not let my insecurities keep me away. It was the perfect mix of people and, of course, Irene was great. J.B.

As an inveterate writing workshop participant, I know a rare thing happened this weekend - all of us were placed in the hands of an enormously gifted teacher and intuitive group leader who also happens to be a fabulous writer. It was magical. Irene created an environment that was firmly defined - critiquing was honest, direct and heartfelt, but always offered with kindness and respect. Writers took huge risks and made incredible leaps in their work. The support given to each writer was solid and abundant but never patronizing. The format was perfect - enough time in each of the sessions for everyone to be heard and enough space in-between for writing and/or hanging out. Irene was generous in making her free time available to meet individually with participants. D.G.

My needs were met head on and I far surpassed my goals. Never one to consider myself a team player, I found the group experience incredibly powerful and motivating. Seeing everyone's progress in such a short time, under Irene's direction, was truly amazing. D.D.

I have already shared finished products of the retreat with several audiences-this within 10 days of the retreat. The contact with other writers, isolation of the site without undue distractions, the different levels of expertise and experience of the group, the perceptive workshop leader and more, served to inspire and encourage all of us. D.E.R.

Heartfelt thanks for sharing Beaver Meadow Lodge with the 2008 Adirondack Writers' Retreat participants! K.S.

Irene Sherlock led memoir workshops that helped us explore the differences and similarities between fiction, non-fiction and creative non-fiction. She discussed the craft of writing, includinge: image; voice; tone; irony; dialogue; humor; epiphany; the balance of scene vs. summary. Special attention was given to "pattern" and its cousins --"repetition" and "variation." Ensconced in the eccentric setting of Beaver Meadow Lodge, participants agonized through drafts, shared readings in the living room and around the campfire, taking home renewed resolve to write more and write better.




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