THE FIRST SATURDAY OF JUNE ~ June 3, 2017, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

While you are in our area, ask us to direct you to Nettle Meadow Farm for their high noon farm tour;
cheese tasting and cheese shop sales 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Come visit us anytime, but be sure to stop in on these special open house dates:

Thurman Maple Days - three sweet weekends in March     |   Thurman Fall Farm Tour Saturday of Columbus Day Weekend (Oct. 8 2016)

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June 3, 2017
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


  • In true country tradition, Thurman neighbors will join together at Martin's Lumber to welcome guests, each illustrating some facet of man's relationship to and dependence on nature, and his need to sustain the resources that sustain us. Presentations are very informal and interactive, suitable for all ages. READ HERE ABOUT THIS YEAR'S 13 EXHIBITORS. (Lucky YOU!)

Join in one of the intermittent guided woods walks with Gary Martin identify trees and learn about selective cutting and wise woodlot management practices. Gary will be accompanied by Amy Cason, who will point out and discuss wild plants known for medicinal qualtities. See Gary demonstrate his band-saw mill, explaining how sawyers get the most product and the least waste. He displays old tools traditionally used by Adirondack woodsmen, and you'll get to see the Martins' new traditional "Dutch" timeber frame barn under construction by Andy LeBlanc. See more.

  • Gary Martin will guide walks and talk about sustainable forestry. Between walks Gary will offer sawmill demonstrations.

  • Wini Martin demonstrates bead-making. Got stockpiled newspaper and advertising fliers? Ask Wini how she extends the skill to make unique gifts to commemorate a special occasion with her Keepsake Jewelry. Leftover wallpaper? Even kids will fold origami boxes to take home. See stained glass become stepping stone garden accents. See photos.

  • Caleb Martin's silver chain maille jewelry will be on site, and he may be demonstrating his art during the day.
  • Andy LeBlanc will discuss the timber frame Dutch barn under construction at Martins' and explain the intricate joinery..

  • Dowser Bruce Irwin of Parasearch will help you find an underground vein of water, (weather permitting). Test your sensitivity.

  • Sally Feihel of North Country Krafts (formerly Adirondack Suds and Scents) will offer soaps, lotions, perfume oil, wood burned boxes and hand crocheted items.

  • Windy Ridge Farm's Evelyn Wood will bring pure Adirondack maple syrup, and possibly some rhubarb. Come see!

  • Don and Nancy Decker, with the Harry Potter model train, will delight kids of all ages.

  • Ernie Smith shows off an antique "one lunger" farm machine from his extensive collection of old engines.

  • Adirondack artist Donna Wormwood will be on site with her "Wild by Nature" water colors of Adirondack plants and animals, and her scale and half scale Adirondack Rustic furnishings.

  • Avis Russell, quilter, will have some of her quilted table runners, place mats and wall hangings.

  • Ellen Kenney, a gifted artisan in many fields, will bring her tapestry loom, show how it is used and answer questions.

  • Donna Wormwood will bring her Wild by Nature water colors, and Adirondack Rustic Miniatures!
  • Jim Lieberum, District Manager of Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District will be on hand to discuss this year's increased dangers from tick bites, suggesting ways to reduce your risk of being bitten and/or infected.

  •  Ellie Muller, Master Gardener with Warren County Cooperative Extension - Chat with Ellie about ticks and gardening.
  • Persis Granger , author, will invite young and old to step back in time to Thurman farm life in the 1890s. This year we'll churn butter and you can sample the finished product.

    Find us!
    From Adirondack Northway exit 23: NYS route 9, north into Warrensburg. At the second traffic light, turn left on NYS route 418, following it across and along the river, re-crossing the river into Thurman and continuing on it as it hooks sharply left and then meets Athol Road, c. 4.5 miles. Following the Martin's Lumber arrow sign, take Athol Rd. uphill to the right and follow it 1 mile to Glen-Athol Road on right. Travel 2 miles on Glen-Athol Road, and bear left onto Valley Road. Continue on 4.5 miles to Martin's Lumber at 280 Valley Road, on your right.

    Scroll down for map.

Martin's Lumber

280 Valley Road

Thurman, NY 12885


Kids learn a new way to measure tree girth at
Martin's Lumber

G A R Y    M A R T I N

Spend time at Martin's Lumber on June 1st, exploring our woods and visiting our shops. Enjoy a leisurely stroll in our forest and see first hand how we practice silviculture to keep our forest healthy and sustainable. Walk with us, learning to identify various trees, determine what trees should be left to mature and which ones should be cut and milled. Also learn about medicinal wild plants.

Guided Woods Walks conducted periodically throughout the day.


An easy stroll through our woods is an
enjoyable lesson in silviculture.

Gary Martin demonstrates his band saw mill.

Gary Martin tells visitors young and old
about the portable bandsaw and how it saves wood.
see a
short demonstration on how our portable band saw cuts
our logs into rough-cut lumber, including dimensional
lumber, beams, 2- or 3-inch live edge slabs, Adirondack
siding and more.
Safety lesson go hand in hand with



Framing of Dutch barn has begun   

Timber Frame craftsman Andy LeBlanc (right) and helpers, pause to
catch their breath andlook at the newly-raised H-bent that will serve as one of the structural members of the Martins' traditional Dutch barn.
See more pictures below.

Caleb Martin
Silver Smith
Caleb Martin creates silver chain maille jewelry.

One of his finished products
Caleb Martin SilverJewelry

Stained Glass Stepping Stones

will be on display. Enjoy the colorful designs of the glass set in the concrete. Learn how the glass is cut and the stones are made,
and arrange to take one home to enhance your own garden or yard.




W I N I    M A R T I N


     Wini places the cardinal cut glass and the
"Lucyann" logo into the mold



Wini takes the hummingbird stone
out of the mold.

Paper Bead Jewelry

During your visit, browse through Lucyann's Paper Bead Jewelry. Paper beads are rolled from narrow strips of paper. When complete, these beads are processed until they appear more like gems than simply recycled paper. See for yourself how they are made, and try your own hand at fashioning your own bead.



A young visitor winds her first bead.

Learn about our special "Keepsake Beads". These beads are made to order from paper that has a significant meaning to you or your loved one. Taking paper that you have provided (wedding invitations, announcements, menus, articles or any other paper that is special) I will make both the beads and jewelry to your specifications, creating a very special personalized gift. "Like" us on Facebook and play our "Bead Name Game", by guessing the special paper for a chance to win a pair of earrings.

Save-the-Date Card Keepsake Beads
Below, see
a bride and groom's Save-the-Date card intact, then sliced and diced, then rolled into beads and made into earrings.

What one bride said about the Keepsake earrings she ordered from Lucyann's for her bridesmaids:
---OMG... I am blown away at how FANTASTIC these earrings turned out... Each one is so unique.... AND having the copy of the invitation is the icing on the cake THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH This is exactly the "perfect gift" I was looking for .... the girls will be truly suprised and very appreciative. Again, MERCI!!!! I will certainly keep your card!! -- A customer
---Members of an event-organizing committee all received earrings made from the event brochure -- such a special memento! I still wear them and expain the Keepsake concept to friends who admire them. PRG

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G u e s tcc A r t i s a n s   a t   M a r t i n ' s   W o o d s  W a l k

xBruce Irwin, water dowser

Ask Bruce to show you how he locates veins of water
beneath the earth's surface and try it yourself
with his guidance, weather permitting.

Ellen Weaving 2        

Weaver working a loom at Woods Walk


It's "All aboard!" as these two model train enthusiasts welcome
kids of all ages to visit their Harry Potter layout!

"All aboard!"


Ellen Kenney will bring her tapestry loom and her work in progress. Ask her how she incorporates a bit of the woods in her weaving!




Ernie Smith is a collector of old farm equipment and engines. We never know what he will bring to demonstrate at the Woods Walk, but we always know it will be interesting.




  Complex tenon cut for a barn
    repair mortise and tenon joint--

Andy LeBlanc, Barn Works

 LeBlanc, hand-hewing a beam

Come to Woods Walk to
see Andy LeBlanc working on the Martins' new timber frame Dutch barn


Andy and friends raise a wall.

Andy and friends raise a wall.

North Country Krafts -
Soaps, lotions, perfume oil, wood- burned boxes and more



Meet Sally Feihel of Adirondack Suds and Scents, as she shows you her amazing handmade soaps made the old fashioned way in small batches to control quality, Sally uses only the best oils in each batch of soap. She starts with rice bran oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. She also adds skin-loving extras like shea butter, cocoa butter, pure raw silk (cruelty free) as well as colloidal oatmeal and kaolin clay, just to name a few. You'll want to take some home, and once you try homemade soap, you won't go back to store-bought. 


Wild by Nature watercolor aaaWild by Nature Day Lily

Wild by Nature Paintings

Adirondack Rustic Miniatures

 Ellie Muller, Master Gardener with Warren County Cooperative Extension also will be on hand with information about ticks, and will be happy to field questions about home gardening!
 \Be especially mindful of ticks this summer.

Jim Lieberum of Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District will be on hand to discuss this summer's tick concerns and offer advice for preventing bites.


Thurman author Persis Granger will be on site. Sit awhile and swap yarns of old days in Thurman. Visitors are invited to help churn butter and sample the end product.

Persis Granger has written two young adult novels set in Thurman in the 1890s. Extensive research in old diaries and other historical materials has created a realistic setting for the young boy facing adversity and having to shoulder decisions and chores that would faze an adult.

Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer's is an anthology of stories written by women who have been through the experience of having a parent with Alzheimer's disease. Compiled and contributed to by Persis Granger, the book is intended to provide support for family members come to an understanding of the symptoms of the disease and of their own emotional reactions.


Maple Goods from Windy Ridge Farm
Meet Evelyn Wood see pure maple syrup made at the Thurman farm that has been in her family for generations.



Quilt by Avis Russell

Avis is active in quilting groups both here in Thurman and in Florida. She helps organize quilt shows in both locations, and often has wares to sell, including full-sized quilts, table toppers, runners, placemats and more. She will talk about her craft
and have some of her work for sale.



Made by Avis Russell

Retail value $300-$350

Can be seen at Avis's booth and tickets are available from several exhibitors.

$1 per ticket or $5 for 6 tickets

Remarks from readers of Adirondack Gold and A Summer of Strangers

[My son is] 8 years old and we started Adirondack Gold a short while ago. He absolutely loves it!!! The story has really moved him - he's been sad, happy, excited, anxious, and scared! We've spent many nights up past his bedtime just to read a little more.
I loved them both. I spent all my childhood summer vacations on the other side of Crane Mountain.... At age 81, I was taken back to my childhood... Thanks for your excellent writing. RWS ----------------------------------------
What others are saying about Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimers:
Maria Shriver, Former First Lady, State of California,
"I know your book and each individual's story offers the needed encouragement for those enduring the devastating effects of living with Alzheimer's disease."
Karla Morales
Peoples' Medical Society

"…an enthralling, ambitious and much-needed effort…most definitely the sort of work on Alzheimer's that needs to get public notice."
Trudi Cholewinski, Program Director,
Northeastern New York Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

"…a compelling, inspirational story for caregivers and families who have loved ones with Alzheimer's disease.

We hope that you will enjoy your time with us as at Martin's Lumber as much as we enjoy having you. The woods are our passion and we find a kinship among those who share this feeling. Come again to browse our products, or just to visit. Bring a friend. You are always welcome.

CALL US AT 518-623-9595

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