Gary Martin had the honor of being named one of just ten semi-finalists in the "I Love NY Greenest New Yorker" competition. We were proud to have been nominated and so warmed by the encouragement and support of friends and family.

Read about Martin's Lumber in Summer 2009 Ecolocal Guide: "Sustainable Forestry - Seeing the Forest for the Trees"

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Martin's Lumber


Lucyann's at Martin's Lumber
Stained Glass Stepping Stones & Paper Bead Earrings

280 Valley Road —Thurman, NY — 518-623-9595



Practicing sustainable forestry



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Handcrafted Jewelry

Stained Glass Stepping Stones
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280 Valley Road, Thurman

Learn about silviculture, sustainable forestry. See demonstrations of sawmill and beautiful maple lumber; browse stained glass stepping stones, paper bead creation. 518-623-9595;
buy the "Tour Thurman" CD.

From Adirondack Northway exit 23: NYS route 9, north into Warrensburg. At the second traffic light, turn left on NYS route 418, taking across and along the river, re-crossing the river into Thurman and continuing on it as it hooks sharply left and then meets Athol Road, c. 4.5 miles. Following the Martin's Lumber arrow sign, take Athol Rd. uphill to the right and follow it 1 mile to Glen-Athol Road on right. Travel 2 miles on Glen-Athol Road, and bear left onto Valley Road. Continue on 4.5 miles to Martin's Lumber at 280 Valley Road.


Martin's Tree Farm and Sawmill

Welcome to our Tree Farm, where we practice sustainable forestry.


My mother's ancestors came to the Adirondacks in the end of 1700s. Her people were farmers and loggers of Scottish and Irish decent, come up from Rhode Island. They found Adirondack farming to be hardscrabble at best, due to thin topsoil, cold weather and short growing seasons. But the logging! There were trees--lots of them, coupled with abundant streams and creeks. Water-powered sawmills were soon in use, the first one built on Mill Creek by one of my Reynolds ancestors. Before long it was hard to find a body of running water in these parts that didn't power at least one mill. The last water-powered sawmill in Thurman, owned by the Cameron family, was still in use in the 1960s, when diesel power replaced the water wheel. Here at Martins' Lumber we are still making sawdust, though in a more modern way, and with some new challenges and insights.

We are a small certified tree farm practicing silviculture to promote sustainable forestry management, not only looking at what can be harvested today, but planning and striving to ensure crops for future generations. We selectively cut our trees, thinning and releasing, giving the healthiest room to grow and harvesting the diseased or injured trees. The latter can yield some of the most unique pieces of lumber on our portable band sawmill. We specialize in this unique lumber, creating softwood slabs for counter tops or tables and seeking out hardwoods of various grains and coloring from many varieties of trees. We feel privileged to discover the beauty each new log holds. Crotch wood and knurly pieces, especially, have grains and colors unique to each sawn board, just waiting to be turned into rare, one-of-a-kind pieces. We also will custom saw your own logs, and have dimensional lumber and Adirondack siding in stock.

We believe that private property and good stewardship ensure healthy forests, and we also realize that the fruits of our labors in the forest will belong to some other generation. Our hope is that they not only will use the forest, but will pass along to future generations vibrant, thriving woodlands. Humans schedule events on day-planners; a forest's timeline stretches over many hundred years. Private forests in New York now are under tremendous pressure from high taxes, subdivisions and strict regulations, burdens all borne on the backs of landowners. Our work here at Martins' Lumber is comprised of one part belief, one part learning, mixed with generous amount of elbow grease and fun. We are glad to share with you, and hope that in some small way you will know when you leave here that this small part of the earth is being cared for and loved.

Visitors are always welcome at Martin's, but if you would like a tour or demonstration, it is best to contact us ahead of time. You may call us at 518-623-9595, Email us or drop us a line at Martin's Lumber, 280 Valley Road, Warrensburg, NY 12885. Need a multi-site tour for a group? Contact Thurman Farm Tours.

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