Adirondack Mountain Memories
Recollections of the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat & Story Workshops
Held in Thurman, NY - July 13 - 17

Karen Pillsworth helps workshop participants understand the potential for storytelling in the classroom.

Comments from 2007 Participants

An old automobile commercial used to urge car-shoppers to "ask the man who owns one." Read what participants had to say about some of the workshops they attended and their experience at the Adirondack events as a whole. Their words capture the mood of the week.


" Attending the retreat was life-changing for me. I have had this inside of me my whole life, trying to get out, me thinking it was a much more difficult process. The workshop leaders I came in contact with were so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. I have also fallen in love with the Thurman area. I will be visiting often from now on and will put your website on my bookmark bar so I can always know what is going on up there.

" I'm looking forward to coming back to Fiction among Friends.

" (It was) a journey into myself and a rediscovery of my desired path in life. It made me revisit who I really am and what I truly love to do. No workshop like this is ever long enough.

" The exercises were exactly what I needed; there has been value in everything. (The presenter) created a safe, comfortable environment for me to learn, share and enjoy my first real writing workshop. I could spend weeks in workshops like this.

" Excellent, top-notch, workshop-providing a unique creative experience.

" It was sheer magic!

" This workshop was packed with information about POV, including tricks for tackling challenges to writing in each of the respective points of view. The presenter provided examples of how writers have achieved success with difficult POV issues.

" Fully packed, all-encompassing. Small. Discussions with lots of opportunity for questions and answers.

Mary Sanders Shartle created a safe and nurturing environment for the memoir workshop.

Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi enthralled and inspired students at her Northwoods workshop.


Left to right:
Bob Reiser, Bil Lepp, Bibi Wein



Left to right:
Martin's Lumber

Nettle Meadow Goat Farm
Toad Hill Maple Farm








After Workshops ended each day, participants had the opportunity to visit Martin's Lumber & Stained Glass Stepping Stones, Nettle Meadow Goat Farm, and Toad Hill Maple Farm (the source of our wonderful complimentary bottles of maple syrup!)

Retreat residents enjoyed time to relax, enjoy an Adirondack cookout served by Robin and Steve and view incredible evening scenery, complete with bustling beaver activity, grazing deer and breathtaking sunsets.

Relaxing on the porch at Beaver Meadow Lodge

Sunset at Beaver Meadow Lodge