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Tour Thurman: A Guided Jaunt into Homes and History

September 14, 2013

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urman Historical Society's journey into the past.
Reservations and prepayment required

Reserve your spot early by phoning 518-623-9305
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Town of Thurman

11:45 Optional luncheon at Thurman Town Hall, 311 Athol Road, Athol [$7]. Come early so you can browse through our copies of the Quarterly. A hearty luncheon with beverage and dessert will fortify you for the adventure ahead.
12:45 Our caravan of cars will embark on the ride to yesteryear, making its way to four sites where guests will get out for in-depth visits, learning about the places and the people who have inhabited them. [$13, includes tour book.] There will be a rest stop midway through the tour. Contact us to reserve your spot in the group, and plan to car pool as much as possible to expedite parking at tour sites.
 3:45 Cars return to town hall - or head on home.

Luncheon at Town Hall, 311 Athol Road, Athol

Enjoy old fashioned home-cooked luncheon with beverage, and dessert. See our Bicentennial photo display and numerous publications.
The Amos Bowen Homestead

One of Thurman's earliest homes, believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railway.

The Wm. J. Baker Farm

An old-fashioned family farmhouse built in the Federal style. You'll have a sense of what it was like to live back in the days before modern conveniences.

The Steve Wood Farm

Hear of Cal Wood, the hapless young man driven to an unthinkable crime with dire consequences.

The Wm. and Chloe Pike Farm

Built by Irish immigrants, this farmhouse has its tales to tell!