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For Women

On the Beach at St. George Island, Florida
January 7 - 14 (check out on the 14th)
January 21 - 28 (check out on the 28th)
Ask about "On Your Own" nights Jan. 14 - 21 available to past or present retreaters
and writer friends who accompany them (all must reserve ahead and pre-pay).

Also, are you interested in giving yourself time to reclaim your creative voice in a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment? Gina Hogan Edwards, writer, editor and creativity coach at Around the Writer's Table, will host Story Camp,
January 3-7 at "Always Awesome".
See details: http://aroundthewriterstable.com/storycamp

What to Expect

Stay at (or commute to) a beautiful Gulf-view home with other women writers where you will need to share a room (but not a bed). Author Adrian Fogelin offers you two writing craft workshops each day (attendance optional) along with free private critiques and consultations on selected pages of your work throughout the week. We read, we eat, we talk, we laugh, then we laugh some more, eat some more, and write like crazy women. Many of our attendees have been "regulars" since our beginning in 2006. See if there is a place here for you. You'll never forget it.

I just can't wait!

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Immerse yourself in writing

t. George Island Writers' Retreat
Polishing Works in Progress
led by



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Held in New York's Lake George Region
This year led by
Ira Joe Fisher,
professor of writing and poetry at University of Connecticut,
Mercy College and New England College

Former features writer/reporter,
CBS Saturday Early Show


Award-winning Author Adrian Fogelin

Many of our St. George Island Writers' Retreat participants return every year, always finding in Adrian's teaching new guidance and inspiration.

Here are a few of their remarks.

  • I need time to write away from the hustle and bustle. To be creative is not the only reason I come - as a writer I'm not accomplishing anything if I don't finish and improve what I've written. St. George Island Writers' Retreat gives me room and time and quiet to do both, and I get inspiration and energy from the other writers who come.

  • I think I found a "me" voice that I've never used before - something I don't think I was ready to find five years ago!

  • Adrian is a superb teacher of the writer's craft.

  • Adrian is a wonder. Her insights concerning the problems with my novel, guided me into the rewrite and will carry me through to the end. Thanks, Adrian.

St. George Island Writers' Retreat for Women
Led by

Award-winning author of works that include "Crossing Jordan" & "The Sorta Sisters"

Always Awesome
overlooking the Gulf of Mexico

Always Awesome - our writing home.
St. George Island, Florida
"Originals" - January 7-14 (check out on the 8th)
"Sisters of the Sentence" - January 21-28 (check out on the 22nd)
Ask about "On Your Own" (OYO) nights Jan. 14-21
Available to past or present retreat participants
and writer friends who accompany them (all must reserve ).

The retreats'structured program begins on Sunday evening and ends the following Saturday evening. Arrive at 4 p.m. on the first day to settle in or enjoy some quiet writing time, and may linger until 10 a.m. Sunday. Choose in-residence or commuter participation - Number of participants limited to twelve.

If you need to jump-start your stalled writing project, this is the time, this is the place.

This is a writing-intensive multi-day program with award-winning YA novelist Adrian Fogelin (Crossing Jordan, The Sorta Sisters, Anna Casey's Place in the World, Sister Spider Knows All and more; www.adrianfogelin.com). Writers may participate in-residence at B & D's on the Bay, or as commuters. They ideally will bring a work in progress. Activities will include instruction, writing, readings, peer discussion sessions and consultation with Fogelin. A waiting list has been started for the next retreat..

         Download this year's SGI_RegistrationForm2018 as pdf, or request a Word docX version
that you may fill out on your computer and email. A deposit will be required at the time of registration.

Questions? Email me or phone 518-623-9305 late April until early October, 352-463-3089 early October 'til late April, or 352-949-1706 while in transit.


St. George Island Writers' Retreat

From sunup to sundown (and later), women at the St. George Island Writers' Retreat for Women share writing, reading, critique sessions, meals, occasionally a tear and always a lot of laughter. We have celebrated publications, mourned loss. We rejoice in the progress of each member, commiserate about frustrations, and update one another on the writing progress of the past year. The St. George Island Writers' Retreat for women offers a combination of structured and unstructured time, group time and alone time—a flexible schedule that gives each member blocks of time to progress on his or her own personal projects and consult with Adrian Fogelin, award-winning author of seven young adult novels.

For other questions, or to be placed on a mailing list for future retreats, email FictionFriends@aol.com or phone (518) 623-9305 summer; (352) 463-3089 or 352-949-1706 transit.


Group shot, November 2012

The year of the hats. Or is it merely the first year of the hats?
The bar has been set rather high.

November 2011
Rogues' Gallery
Photos mostly by Gina Edwards and Pat O'Connell

November 2010

L-R Front: Judy, Sue, Evelyna, Alvarez, Perky
Back: Susan, Adrian, Pat, Mary Lois

Workshop sessions engender lively discussion.

November 2009



Adrian at work





St. George Island Writers' Retreat 2009


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