Fiction Among Friends

St. George Island Writers' Retreat

Paying with PayPal or Your Credit Card

You may use PayPal to pay for the commuter or in-residence retreat participation. You may make a lump sum payment or pay in installments of your own choosing on your own timetable, but please note that all fees must be paid by October 15.

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It's easy:

Determine the amount you owe for the retreat:

In-residence retreat participant - $675
Commuting retreat participant - $575
See cancellation policy below.

Subtract the savings you realize through Friend's Discount ($50), Meal Deal ($l00 for a dinner or two lunches), and/or returning retreat participant discount ($50). Only the Meal Deal may be used in conjunction with other discounts.

  1. Click the button at right.
  2. When the PayPal page comes up enter the amount you wish to pay, then...
    Log in as a PayPal customer OR supply credit card information to complete the process.
  3. I drop you and email confirming receipt of your payment. Thank you. If you prefer, you may mail me a check.

Cancellations must be made in writing.

Retreat Cancellations:
Prior to October 1: $25 processing fee will be retained

October 24 to November 7: No refunds unless all vacancies are filled. If all vacancies are filled, $50 processing fee will be held and the remainder refunded.*
*Allowable refunds to be madeafter November 25.

Cancellation by organizer:
Your money will be refunded in full if organizer is forced to cancel.