Fiction Among Friends
St. George Island Writers' Retreat & Apalachicola Writers' Workshop Day
St. George Island, Florida - November 12 - 15, 2009

Registration Form
Print and mail this huge unwieldy thing, or ask for a tidy little emailed Word document version at:
Before October 1: 518-623-9305

Perky Granger
11 Clarence Russell Road
Warrensburg, NY 12885

After October 10: 352-463-3089
Perky Granger
7460 SE 51st Way
Trenton, FL 32693

Contact Information

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Home - work - cell phone, in preferred order ___________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City/St/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact, name and phone: _______________________________________________________________________

My Participation
Please respond to all questions applicable to your case:

Retreat November 12 - 15, (includes Apalachicola Workshop Day)
____ I wish to be a retreat participant @ $425 less any discount for which I may qualify. This fee covers all meals, snacks, beverages, workshops, critique sessions and the Apalachicola Workshop Day. (Note discount information below.) I understand that I must make my own lodging reservation and pay the motel directly for my room. Open to men and women.

Apalachicola Writers' Workshops (November 12th, men and women)
These workshops are also available to men and women who are NOT attending the November 12-15 retreat. If this describes you, skip the first two categories above and check the appropriate blanks regarding the workshops and lunch immediately following this note

____ I wish to enroll in the following November 12th Apalachicola a la Carte Workshops @ $28 each:
   (   ) Adrian Fogelin (Details TBA)
   (   ) Mary Lois Sanders: "Manuscript Nuts & Bolts: Preparing Your MS for Publication

   (   ) Dawn Evans Radford, Topic TBA

____ Because I have enrolled in two or more workshops, I would like a free lunch on November 12.

____ I am not entitled to a free lunch, but I would l like to buy lunch on November 12 for $10.

____ I expect to attend the November 12th 7 signing and program of readings in the Trinity Church Parish Hall. (No charge - open to the public.)

____ I understand that there will be no smoking in the common areas of the retreat or workshops.

Workshop Discounts (Applies to those who attended the 2008 Workshop Day and received a coupon good for $5 off each workshop at a future Writers' Workshop Day.)

Retreat Discounts (Applies to those signing up for the entire retreat)

I am a retreat participant and will qualify for my $100 meal deal discount by taking full responsibility (shopping and preparation) for one dinner. I have noted below my planned entree to help ensure that there will a reasonably varied menu throughout the week. (See "Accommodations" page for general information about meals.)
_____I will prepare one dinner, main course to be: _________________________________________,

____ I wish to apply a money-off coupon from another Fiction Among Friends Retreat (— $50)

____ I am registering with, ____________________________________, my friend, so that both of us may receive a discount. (— $50)


Those attending November 12 workshops only, please fill out part A, then skip to D, E and F.

A. Check all that apply:

_____ I do NOT want my name/address provided to other attendees.
_____ Please do share my name/address
_____ I will handwrite at the retreats or bring my own laptop or typewriter
_____ I would like to be notified of future workshops via: __Email __USPS

B. Brief Writing Bio (retreat registrants): ______________________________________________________________________



C. Goals for retreat ((Retreat registrants; please include any specific writing issues that you would like to address (use additional page if additional space is needed): _______________________________________________________________________



Although the retreat site may not be fully handicapped accessible, there is an elevator available. List any special needs you may have:


D. Prerequisites
We have established a few retreat prerequisites to ensure that participants have compatible needs and interests:

1. Apalachicola a la carte Workshops
Come with an interest in writing and an eagerness to learn more and enjoy the company of other writers. Plan to savor a day with other like-minded folks.

2. Retreat Participants
You certainly need not be a published author to attend the retreat, and your genre may be something other than fiction, but this writing-intensive retreat is geared toward those with works in progress. Therefore, we request that you send with your registration a sample of your writing from the project you plan to focus on at the St. George Island Writers' Retreat. Please send the equivalent of about five pages of single-spaced text.

  • Emailed samples are preferred, but hard copies (send 2 copies, please) will be accepted. Your work will not be reproduced or shared with any outside parties. Enclose a SASE if you wish hard copies to be returned; otherwise they will be destroyed to protect your ownership. See contact information below.
  • Participants wishing to be paired with a roommate at the Buccaneer in order to save money, please let me know. I will maintain a list for this purpose and will do my best to help.
  • Meals will be prepared by participants and shared family style. We regret that we cannot accommodate special diets to any great degree.

    I have read the above and fully agree to its contents and will abide by them.

    E. All Participants: I have read and understand the cancellation policy shown on the St. George Rates page. I realize that cancellation may result in forfeit of all or part of my registration fee.
    Returning this completed form constitutes my acceptance of the terms.

    Registration Checklist:

    _____ Registration Form - All

    _____ Retreat participant writing sample enclosed or emailed (circle one) to

    Email writing sample to:

Registration Form - Print and mail

Mailing instructions:

Mail to: Perky Granger, 11 Clarence Russell Road, Warrensburg, NY 12885 before Oct. 1 or 7460 SE 51st Way, Trenton, FL 32693 after Oct. 1..
Please make checks payable to Persis Granger


F. Waiver and Assumption of Risk

I, ____________________________________________________, Customer, of

(address) __________________________________________________________,

State of ______________________, voluntarily sign this waiver and assumption of risk in favor of Persis R. Granger of 11 Clarence Russell Road, Warrensburg, NY 12885, Owner, in consideration for the opportunity to use the owner's facilities and/or the opportunity to receive instruction from the owner or the owner's employees, and/or to engage in the activities sponsored by the owner, as follows:

· Residing in or participating in activities at sites arranged by the owner, including but not limited to Buccaneer Inn and Trinity Episcopal Church and Benedict Hall.
· Sharing meals, snacks and beverages prepared by the owner or those engaged by her
· Participating in workshops, discussions and writing exercises led by the owner or those engaged by
· Going with or without the owner on occasional outings on St. George
Island and surrounding area

I understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with the activities and use of the facilities.

I fully assume the risks involved as acceptable to me and I agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release the owner from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from my use of the facilities or from my participation in the activities or instruction. I am a competent adult, aged 21 or older, and I assume these risks of my own free will.

Submission of this form constitutes my acceptance of its terms.

Dated _____________________________, 20 ______

Printed Name of Customer


ONE MORE THING: Would you please take a moment to let meknow how you learned about The St. George Writers' Retreat?

__ A friend told me

__ I read about it online at the following site: _______________________________________

__ I read about it in the following print media: _______________________________________

__ Other: ____________________________________________________________________

You may email all documents. Remember that I will glady send you a Word document version of this registration form.

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