Thurman, NY - Just a few short miles from Lake George Village
Where are all the goodies at the Thurman Townwide Sale?

May 17, 18, 19, 2013

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We're sorry for any difficulty you've had accessint this map. We think the page is now fixed.

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Including the all-important list and our sponsors
If all else fails email us for a map. Please note, during the sale, emails are apt to be answered only before 6:30 a.m. or after 6 p.m. If we don't get back to you in time, come on over anyhow. You'll find a map here somewhere.

PREFER TO JUST BROWSE THE LIST ONLINE? The map below was designed to be used in conjunction with the list of sales. Find on the list items that interest you, then find the appropriate roads on the map. Or, while driving, as you see a road name, check the list to see what sales are offered on that particular road. Have fun!

Welcome to our sale! As you see, our sale now spans three days -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not all sellers can sell all three days. Accordingly, the list accompanying the map will indicate which dates each seller plans to sell. The map is shown below, but you'll need to Click here to see the list of sales, referenced by road names, and the items offered at each sale.

For your safety, please note:
Safety: The Sheriff's Department has advised us that motorists who park unsafely may be ticketed. To avoid this risk-and, more importantly, to prevent accidents-please make every effort to park with all four wheels outside the solid white "fog line" seen at the side of the road.
Gas, ATM: It is unlikely that you will find gas or an ATM at the Athol General Store, 113 Mountain Road this year, as the store is closed. No rest room is available at that site, either.
Phone: Cell phone service is nonexistent in most parts of town. If you are desperate, your best luck will be down along the river or on steep hills such as Sky Hi Road. There's a land line available just inside the unlocked town hall entryway, 311 Athol Rd. It may be used for local or calling card calls only.
Rest rooms can be found
--all three days at: 311 Athol Rd. (town hall), at 564 River Rd. (Glen-Hudson Campsite), and at the Beagle Club on Zaltz Rd.
--Saturday: The EMS building, 572 High St.;
--Friday, Saturday (and Sunday after church only) at Thurman Baptist Church, 380 S. Johnsburg Rd., and The Northwoods (AKA Taste of Poland), Bear Pond Road. Please show your appreciation by not littering these private sites.

Support: Our sale is made possible each year by enthusiastic cooperation from many groups and individuals, and it would be impossible to credit them all in this small space. We would be remiss, however, to fail to mention our immense gratitude to the Town of Thurman for its grant of Occupancy Tax funds and the local businesses that have been so generous with their support.

HUGE thanks, too, to the "Dollar Stretcher" for publishing our map and sale list. You send us the NICEST people!