Martin's Lumber


Your Martin's Lumber Experience

Woods Walk
Take a guided woods walk with tree farm owner Gary Martin to identify some regionally common trees and understand the issues that guide him as he manages his woodlot for greatests sustainability. He'll explain the basics of selective cutting, telling how he uses trees culled to encourage growth of healthier trees. The goal is always, sustainability of the woodlands. Walks are tailored to guest mobliity, interest and time, ranging from a short jaunt over even terrain (about 0.2 mile over nearly level and fairly smooth terrain), and may be eliminated if guest opts.

Sawmill Demonstration
See a log being sawn and edged, and learn how a sawyer saws the most possible board feet out of a given log, or selects the perfect log for the product he plans to saw, be it 2 x 4s, live-edge siding, bar tops, columns, or some custom order. Learn how all byproducts of the mill are put to use, another building block of sustainability.

Heritage Logging Equipment
Test your knowledge of logging implements used in days of yore, and see Martins' forge, where Gary creates new pieces.

Wood road at Martin's Lumber
Gary Martin band sawmill
Child makes own paper bead at Martin's Lumber

Artistic Recycling of Forest Products....and more, by "Lucyann at Martin's Lumber"

See artisan Wini Martin demonstrate making beads from recycled paper, including "Keepsake Beads" to commemoriate special events. Also see the woodland-inspired Stained Glass Stepping Stones at Martin’s Lumber. Even guests as young as three years old may try their hands at winding beads or folding an origami box. Success, we're told, is just a matter of holding your mouth right..


The Gift shop at Martin's Lumber

No trip to Martin's Lumber is complete without a visit to the gift shop. There you can find unique jewelry made of paper beads crafted to replicate polished gemstones, as well as information about custom-ordered Keepsake Bead jewelry items. Stained Glass Stepping Stones and garden benches are available in many designs, or you may request special designs for gifts or as pet memorials. See also, live-edge sign blanks, wooden "baskets" and unique jewelry trees.




Paper bead gift set

Stained glass stepping stone with hummer

Rustic jewelry tree    Wooden bark basket at Martin's Lumber   Sign blanks at Martin's lumber Jewelry Tree               Wooden "Basket"               Sign Blanks


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